Dollar Spot in UK Grass

Dollar spot is a fungus that eats through the leaves of your grass, creating small circular patches (2 – 3cm) in your lawn that resemble silver dollars. The grass species most susceptible to dollar spot are bents, fine fescues and annual meadow grass. Heavy thatch, low plant fertility, dry soil and high humidity all increase the risks of Dollar spot. High daytime temperatures and cold nights can also help it spread.  We typically see it on frequently-mowed venue grounds where the grass must be kept short and neat (regular contact with infected lawnmower blades can spread the disease).

DIY solutions to dollar spot

A popular, but often unsuccessful, solution to dollar spot is to re-turf the whole lawn with a grass that is resistant to dollar spot. This only works if the root causes of the fungus growth are dealt with first, which is often beyond the expertise of the DIY gardener. Over-the-counter fungicides are available, but you need to ensure that the disease you’re dealing with is indeed dollar spot and not a similar disease like red thread or fusarium.

The Lawnkeeper solution to dollar spot

The best way to fight dollar spot is often to improve the nutrient levels and air circulation in the soil. We will normally apply a bespoke feed & weed solution to nourish the grass and help it through any drought stress recovery, then we’ll reduce thatch, break up any compacted soil and improve air circulation. We will occasionally apply a growth retardant to help the grass establish deeper roots, too.

As soon as we’re happy that your lawn can fight off the dollar spot fungus, we get to work with a targeted fungicide. Our expert lawn care technicians calculate precisely how much fungicide is needed and take the rest away at the end of the treatment so that you’re not stuck with a cluttered garden shed of half-empty bottles.

How you can tell if you’ve got dollar spot

The simplest way to check if you’ve got dollar spot is to get your lawn analysed. Book a free lawn analysis with Lawnkeeper and we’ll show you exactly what’s behind the problem areas on your lawn. Our professional lawn care treatments can have your lawn looking lush and healthy again in a matter of weeks.


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