The concerns of our customer enquiries is always paramount!

We appreciate that our customers always have a whole host of questions to ask ourselves regarding the whole range of services we provide.

And we have compiled the most commonly asked questions below!

As a result we have compiled together an extensive list of questions and answers that are regularly asked by our customers, and we hope you find informative and useful.

Questions we are regularly asked...

Are Lawnkeeper technicians qualified?

Yes, all the technicians have successfully completed a chemical application training and examination, which is a legal requirement.

Are your treatments safe for children and pets?

Yes. All our treatments are safe for children and pets. All we ask is you keep off the lawn for a couple hours after treatment.

Can I start the service at any time?

Yes, we can adapt the programme accordingly at any time of the year.

Why should I use Lawnkeeper instead of doing it myself?

Lawnkeeper uses only professional weed killers and fertilisers that cannot be bought in the shops, so we show better results than off the shelf products.