1. How much does Lawn Repair cost?

Less than you might expect! Book a free lawn analysis and we’ll explain the costs in more detail.

2. What’s the difference between a lawn care expert and a gardener?

Gardeners rarely have the turf management training and spraying qualifications needed to handle professional-grade lawn care products. Their general horticultural knowledge is usually very good, but without specialist lawn knowledge, they can often misinterpret the signs of disease, weeds and pest infestations in your lawn.

3. Are Lawnkeeper technicians qualified?

Every Lawnkeeper technician holds PA1 & PA6A certification for the safe handling and application of pesticides – this is a legal requirement for the treatments we use. They also undergo extensive in-house training on turf management, so that they can apply the right lawn care solution in the right way at the right time of year. Many Lawnkeeper technicians come from a horticultural background. For instance, Tom of Lawnkeeper South Glamorgan is qualified in Sports Turf Management, and Wayne of Lawnkeeper Stafford has won 2 medals from the Royal Horticultural Society.

4. Are your treatments safe for children and pets?

All our lawn care treatments are safe for children and pets, but in some cases you may need to keep off the lawn for a couple of hours. If we’re planning on using any treatments that keep you off the lawn for a few days, we’ll explain the reasons to you up-front. The work we do at Lawnkeeper will leave you with a healthy, well-aerated lush green sward that can help fight disease ... and in the long term, that’s great news for your lawn.

5. Can I start the service at any time?

In most cases, we can start work immediately. There’s a seasonal element to lawn care, and we do need to work with the natural life cycle of the lawn to some degree, but modern treatment methods mean that we normally have a solution for winter, spring, summer or autumn. If we need to postpone a treatment at any time, we’ll explain this to you.

6. Why should I use Lawnkeeper instead of doing it myself?

Put simply, you’ll achieve a better result, faster, for less money when you use a lawn care professional. Lawnkeeper only uses professional-grade fertilisers and weed killers that simply can’t be bought in the shops by the general public. We also know exactly how much of each feed & weed product to apply, and we apply all our treatments with professional spreading and spraying equipment.

Any other questions? Just ask!

If you’ve got a question about Lawnkeeper, please let us know. We’ll explain our diagnosis & treatment method, our standard of service and our unique seven-point guarantee. Just give your local Lawnkeeper technician a call or ring Lawnkeeper HQ on 0845 0945 363