Feed & Weed Treatments in North Leeds

Weeds pose a constant threat to turf in North Leeds. If your lawn has only a few weeds you may be tempted to ignore them, but they won't go away. These weeds will steadily increase their hold unless the problem is treated. We can eradicate all types of weeds with our selective treatments to give you a WEED FREE lawn.

By treating your lawn four times a year, Lawnkeeper will give you a lawn to be proud of... that's our promise.

Treatment 1 ( March - May )

We will apply a slow release fertiliser with the correct nutrients to give your lawn the best possible start to the growing season. Your lawn is sprayed with a selective herbicide to start killing the weeds.

Treatment 2 ( June - August )

We will apply a slow release fertiliser to ensure there is no flush of growth, reduce the risk of scorch and give the grass a more even performance. We will apply a selective weedkiller to tackle any persistent weeds that may still be in your lawn.

Treatment 3 ( September - November )

We will apply a slow release fertiliser with Phosphates and potash, this will help produce a better root system and harden the grass to make it less susceptible to discolouration, disease and drought.

Treatment 4 ( November - February )

This is the final treatment of the year and is aimed at killing any moss present in your lawn, maintaining that lush green look and hardening it for the winter.

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