How and where to start your Lawnkeeper Franchise

Our franchise opportunities are all virgin territories demographically designed to make you money

Reliable Franchise Territories with a Respected Brand

We’ve spent the past 20 years building an exemplary reputation for customer service here at Lawnkeeper, which keeps our customers coming back year after year. But to succeed as a Lawnkeeper franchisee, you need more than the rights to our great reputation. You need to start your business with the right tools, and with a territory large enough to deliver a viable, long-term business.

The largest territories — more than 110,000 potential customers per franchisee

You might want a man-and-van business to begin with, but your territory should have enough customers to enable you to grow bigger in the future. That’s why we hired specialist demographers to build our franchise territories — every territory consists of at least 110,000 households each, in a commutable area that can be fairly managed by one van or multiple vans. We’ll only ever grant you a territory that can grow into a multi-van operation.

Territories across England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland

We have territories available across the UK. The best way to find out about a territory is to enquire.


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