What’s included in the Lawnkeeper Franchise Package

Everything you need to start & grow your business from day one

Packed with Value. Designed for Growth.

When you invest in a Lawnkeeper franchise, we give you all of the tools, materials and support you need to start making money as soon as possible.

The franchise fee starts at £18,000 and covers all of the following...

  • Qualifications & Training: We start by booking you on to a NPTC training course, in a training centre close to you, where you can earn your PA1 and PA6A qualifications. The NPTC training element is separate to the 2 week Lawnkeeper training programme, which must take place at Lawnkeeper HQ. During the 2 weeks of intensive training, we’ll teach you everything you need to know about lawn care (theory and practical), and show you how to run a successful Lawnkeeper business (sales, operations, marketing etc.).
  • Specialist Equipment: Feed spreaders, scarifier, aeration equipment, sprayer, measuring & soil testing kits, rakes ...the list goes on. Our franchise prospectus has the full itemised schedule of equipment.
  • Specialist Materials: We use our group buying power to purchase the very best feeds & selective herbicides (weedkiller) in bulk, saving 40% on distributor costs. You’ll start out with enough chemicals to treat up to 100 customers depending on lawn size (m2).
  • Office Equipment: All of the obvious basics like business cards, a folder with calculator etc. are included, but the real value lies in our bespoke lawn analysis sheets and price charts.
  • Branded Vehicle: All Lawnkeeper vans are kitted out with shelving, lining and a chemsafe as standard. The lease deposit on a sign written van is included as standard, but many franchisees choose to purchase their van outright — we’ll work with you if this is what you want to do.
  • Digital Assets: Our bespoke software, the fully integrated Lawnkeeper Franchise Management System, works on phones and computers, in the office or on the road. Our route optimisation technology helps you squeeze as many jobs as possible into each day, and you’ll be able to process a week’s worth of invoices in 15 minutes. You’ll also get a presence on the Lawnkeeper website, which uses postcode search & live chat to refer new customers.
  • Branded Clothing: You get everything you need to look smart and work safe. Our package includes branded polo shirts, a spray suit, dust masks, waterproof fleece, gloves and more. Download our franchise prospectus for a full list.
  • Comprehensive Marketing Strategy: Over the years, we’ve developed a marketing system that combines leaflets, social media, online advertising and other lead generation methods to ensure that your diary fills up as soon as possible. Your first 20 customers are guaranteed, and you’ll target 150 - 180 customers in year 1.

The list of franchisee benefits goes on…

The full list of equipment, materials, training and support included in our franchise package is simply too long to show here — there are more than 50 different items included in the setup fee. If you’d like a comprehensive, detailed list of everything you’ll get, get in touch and we’ll send you an itemised franchise prospectus.


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