Seasonal Lawn Care Tips

Want a lush, green lawn you can be proud of throughout the year? It pays to plan ahead and invest in lawn care expertise throughout the year.

The lawn care treatments you invest in today should support the healthy development of your lawn 3, 6 and 12 months into the future. That’s why our year-round lawn care treatments are designed to nurture and repair your lawn in any weather.

We love springtime. The whole garden starts to wake up and become more active, and the grass responds well to tougher treatments like aeration & scarification. Early spring is the perfect time to start top dressing the lawn in readiness for a busy barbecue season, and a feed & weed treatment applied at this time of year will help your grass look lush and feel strong underfoot in the summer months.

Traditionally a period of high rainfall and warmer temperatures, soil can become very moist at this time of year; lawns face a higher risk of fungal diseases like red thread, especially if they’re already suffering from poor drainage. The best defence against fungal disease is healthy grass with deep roots; the sooner we can start aeration, scarification and feed & weed treatments, the better.

If you’re planning lots of barbecues and garden parties this summer, spring is the best time to fortify your grass against the bruising footsteps of family and friends. We can feed the lawn with the nutrients it needs to recover from lazy Sunday afternoons. We can also apply a wetting agent to the lawn to improve water management or prevent dry patch, so that your lawn looks fresh and inviting in the weekends to come.

Your grass reaches the peak of its activity cycle in summer, and may require additional watering, depending on the season. The grass is drenched in sunlight for long hours, giving it plenty of opportunity to flourish, but it’s also the riskiest time of year for your lawn.

Depending on how much time you’ve spent on your lawn this year, you might also be experiencing soil compaction, which can be improved with aeration (typically a spring or autumn job) and wetting agents. At this time of year, a feed & weed treatment can also sustain healthy growth.

Autumn Lawn Care

As activity in the garden starts to slow down, the grass will naturally start to wane. We apply a nourishing feed & weed and/or top dressing at this time of year so that the grass heads into winter with a strong root network and the strength to fight off disease.

Like most plants in the garden, your grass will be close to dormant in the winter months. It should require minimal mowing at this time of year, but moss and water-borne diseases are more likely to cause problems in this weather. Watch out for worm casts; if you stand on a wet worm cast at this time of year, the damp mud can form a cap over the delicate grass beneath, starving it of precious winter sunlight, and forming the perfect patch for weeds and moss to take hold.

During the winter months lawns start to suffer due to colder temperatures and less daylight hours. Moss can start to take hold in your lawn so we will apply a liquid treatment to help control moss and harden the grass plant to help fight off fungal disease. If there’s a mossy build-up on your driveway, patio or paths, we can apply a number of hard surface moss treatments that strip slippery growth away from stone, fencing and decking.

As winter gives way to spring, we often start our aeration & scarification services, removing thatch from the turf and giving the grass the best possible start to the seasons ahead. If there’s a need to re-turf patches of your lawn, winter is a good time to do it.

Year-Round Lawn Care

Hard surface moss control is a popular treatment which we can apply at any time of year depending on the weather. We can’t apply moss control treatments in cold or wet weather, so the sooner you can ask us to help, the better.

A sensitive, responsive approach to seasonal lawn care

At Lawnkeeper we work in harmony with the weather, not the calendar month. If we’re facing an unseasonably warm February or a dry April, we’ll adjust our treatment profile to match the year’s circumstances. Your grass always gets the care it needs when it needs it. To find out more about how Lawnkeeper can make you fall in love with your lawn again, get in touch.