Disease Control in Peterborough

There are numerous diseases which can affect a lawn in Peterborough, here are some of the main ones:


The green or black slime is made up of microscopic plants and is usually associated with bare or sparsely grassed areas, together with waterlogged conditions.


Small areas of yellowing grass gradually increasing in size, which may merge to form large brown areas of dead grass. The diseased areas may be covered with a white cottony mould.


These are leaf - like, brown plates when moist and grey with curled up edges when dry.

Red Thread

This disease is well known and found world - wide. Initially irregular formed spots appear with a light brown appearance, which turn straw coloured during infection. With high humidity a pink, cottony mycelium occurs.

Fairy Rings

These come from fungi which occur in soil. The symptoms are caused by various fungi from the group of basidiomcetes. These fungi spread the mycelium into the form of a typical ring.

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