Lawn myths

new_apr_2014Myth 1. Lawns do not need fertiliser

Reality: Your lawn is made up of many little plants, and like all living things they require a food source. Soil includes tiny rock deposits which are basically nutrients or food for the grass plant. Because we regularly cut our grass this process leads to nutrient loss. Therefore, we need to keep enriching the soil with replacement nutrients and that is basically the role of a good quality fertilizer. We can fertilise your lawn with a regular feed and weed treatment programme.

Myth 2. Moss will just go away

Reality: Moss develops in lawns that are in poor condition which results in the sward, or cover of grass thinning. Over the summer months moss may appear to retrench, but this is just a visible effect due to the warmth of summer. The only way to eradicate moss from your lawn is to first understand the fundamental reason why it developed in the first place, then treat the moss with a moss control product,and then produce a programme of work to reduce the conditions that attracts the moss. In the UK’s climate, moss is a regular and reoccurring issue and needs regular monitoring.

Myth 3. Golf courses cut their grass short, so it’s a good idea to do the same

Reality: Golf greens are created by the sowing of specialised types of grass that can withstand regular close mowing. The vast majority of domestic lawns are created using different mixes of grass, which cannot cope with regular close mowing. Check the appropriate mowing height for your species of grass, or get a professional to do this for you, but in general mow to about one and a half to two inches and never cut more than one-third of the grass leaf at a time.