Lawn Treatment Services by Lawnkeeper

Depending on what your lawn needs, there are a few different lawn care treatments we can apply. Discover more about each treatment below, or if it’s easier, just give us a call on 0845 0945 363.

Lawn Care Services

Feed & Weed

Seasonal lawn treatments that kill weeds and strengthen grass

Lawn Aeration

Get water, air and fertiliser through to the roots of your grass

Wetting Agent

A fast-acting solution for compacted or hydrophobic soil

Lawn Scarification

Tear the excess thatch and moss out of your lawn

Lawn Seeding

The most cost-effective way to fill bare patches or replace a whole lawn

Lawn Turfing

Fresh rolls of mature grass - it's the fastest way to get a lush green lawn

Top Dressing

Nourish your grass and level out pits and bumps with fine loamy topsoil

Lawn Moss Control

Fight off moss infestations without harm to grass, pets or humans

Lawn Weed Control

Keep lawn weeds under control all year round

Lawn Disease Control

Cure or control lawn diseases quickly, safely and cost-effectively

Growth Retardant

Get thicker, stronger grass with a temporary growth regulator

Driveway & Patio Services

We also offer hard surface treatments for driveways and patios. Discover our Hard Surface Moss and Weed Control services:

Hard Surface Moss Control

Strip slippery moss from driveways, patios and shady side passages

Hard Surface Weed Control

Remove persistent weeds and grasses from patios and driveways

Still confused? Get a free lawn analysis

Not sure which service you need? The simplest and easiest thing to do is to book a free lawn analysis. We’ll come visit you, take a lawn sample and show you which services will work best for your lawn.


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