Our Franchise Package

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A Lawnkeeper franchise packages costs from £17,000 plus VAT. This is what you get in a Lawnkeeper franchise:
1. The Lawnkeeper van

Your van is one of the biggest adverts you have for your business so we provide a fully sign painted, silver Ford Transit van. This means as well as giving you a professional appearance you’re driving an elegant, trouble free, and safe vehicle. <img
alt=”lawnkeeper marketing launch package” src=”https://www.lawnkeeperfranchise.co.uk/images/uploads/marketing_montage.jpg” style=”float: left; width: 200px; height: 272px; margin: 20px 10px;” />
2. Launch Marketing

We will run a launch marketing campaign to get your business off to the best possible start. We guarantee that you will get your first 20 customers with this campaign – and in the highly unlikely event that this doesn’t happen, we’ll continue the launch campaign until youdo! The campaign will include:


A door to door leaflet drop of 80,000 targeted houses in your territory.
An advert in your local paper announcing your arrival.
Supply of leaflets for you to distribute.

3. Two week initial training in lawncare

Your training starts with the NPTC PA1 and PA6A certification spraying course. This is a legal requirement for you to be able to spray chemical in a commercial role. <img
alt=”bigga logo” src=”https://www.lawnkeeperfranchise.co.uk/images/uploads/bigga_logo.jpg” style=”float: right; width: 110px; height: 152px; margin: 20px;” />During our intensive training course we will concentrate on giving you all the tools, skills, and knowledge necessary to start and run your own very successful Lawnkeeper Franchise. Our training is run at BIGGA (The British & International Golf Greenkeepers Association) head office located just outside York.
4. A full range of high quality equipment, including:

Fertiliser spreader
Fertiliser – 100 customers
Herbicide – 100 customers

5. Ongoing Technical and Sales & Marketing support

Even though your training and the materials will give you everything you need to succeed in this exciting business, you’ll still need the support of the Lawnkeeper Head Office. Here’s the support structure you get from Head Office when you come on board as a Lawnkeeper Franchisee:

Continual development and updating of Lawnkeeper services and offerings
Availability of technical information on The Lawnkeeper ‘Extranet’
Participation in annual meetings and seminars
Support and development of sales and marketing strategies
Ongoing help with materials and equipment, purchased at prices lower than you could obtain in the open market.

For further information and to discuss our franchise packages in more detail, please <a
href=”https://www.lawnkeeperrecruitment.co.uk/contact”>contact us.

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