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How to Care For Your Lawn This Summer

Unpredictable Weather

The Great British weather can be pretty unpredictable, some areas of the country have basked in sunshine whilst others have been drenched with torrential rain! We’re feeling positive at Lawnkeeper about the rest of the summer, and are assuming that July and August will see glorious weeks of prolonged sunshine and warmth. We can but hope!

If our assumption is correct, what should you be doing with your lawn this summer?

Watering it

Like any plant, a lawn needs moisture. If you do have a prolonged dry period, it’s good to give your lawn a watering at least once a week. It’s better to do this in the evening, as more of the water will evaporate earlier in the day. If you’re using a sprinkler, one idea to help monitor the amount of water going on an area is to put a container under the sprinker and once it has filled to about 1″ deep then move to another area. You might also consider having a wetting agent applied, which helps to retain moisture in the soil – please contact us to find out more.

Cutting it

Many people are tempted to cut their lawn too short in the hope they don’t have to cut it so often. Try raising the blade height of your mower and allow the grass to grow a little longer – this will allow it to maintain moisture more easily, maintain coolness and will reduce the risk of ugly brown patches appearing.


Our specialist fertilisers have been designed to deal with dry conditions. Our slow release fertiliser breaks down quickly to get into the soil. Our treatments throughout the year provide important nutrients for the health of the grass.

If unfortunately we have a drought this summer, like last summer, once we start to get rain lawns treated with our special fertiliser will recover more quickly than lawns that are not treated.

Wetting agents can help keep as much moisture in the roots as possible during droughts, therefore less damage occurs.

Loving it

Grass is very resilient, and can take a lot of sitting, playing and running about on! So after all that hard work, don’t forget to fall in love with your lawn!



By James & Lauren – Lawnkeeper (Airedale)

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Seeding and Germination


April has been a tough month for lawn care with low temperatures and next to no rain, though the long range forecast predicts a change in the weather ideal for gardening.

Soil temperature controls germination of seeds, uptake and response to fertiliser and therefore growth. Many of you will have done fewer cuts than normal in April which is typical of a slow cold start, but this also means the grass has less need for fertiliser therefore taking longer to green up and seed has poor germination rates.

Seeds are pretty resilient, so as the temperatures rise they will start germinating, though regular watering will be needed – you need to keep the seed damp until germinated. If it dries out within a few hours of watering you will stop the germination cycle so frequent light watering is essential.

Germination may take longer to get going when re-seeding areas where DIY Feed & Weeds/Moss Controls have been used and caused damage to the lawn, this will depend on which product has been used and the quantity put down. This information is always essential for lawn technicians to know before they carry out any treatments.


Kind Regards,

James & Lauren – Lawnkeeper (Airedale)

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January Jobs for your Garden

With temperatures hovering around 3 – 4°C, some rainfall and precious few hours of sunshine, January is a bleak month for the average UK garden. Grass growth is at its slowest and it’s too early for major lawn treatments. That said, there are still a few jobs that you can tackle in January to set yourself up for a fantastic 2019.

DIY January Jobs:


1: Don’t mow the lawn

Whoever does the mowing in your house can look forward to an easy few weeks in January, especially if it’s frosty outside. Mowing frozen grass can cause long-term damage to your lawn, as the grass isn’t strong enough to recover at this time of the year. If you’re itching for something to do, you could always get your mower blades sharpened or take your mower in for a service.


2: Rake away dead leaves

Keep an eye out for leaf debris in January. If you’ve got overhanging trees and hedges that are still shedding leaves over your lawn this month, make sure you rake up the foliage before it has a chance to settle and rot. If fallen leaves are left to sit on the grass, they’ll create the perfect environment for lawn diseases like fusarium patch. 


3: Prune your fruit trees

If you’ve got fruit trees in or near your lawn, January is the perfect time to prune them back. A few hours spent shaping your apple and pear trees over the next few weekends will help the surrounding grass soak up as much precious winter sunlight as possible in February and March, keeping your grass alive and your lawn looking beautiful in the spring and summer months.


4: Feed the birds

January is a tough month for garden birds. If you can, leave hardy fat balls or suet blocks in your bird feeders. The birds will remember which homes they can rely on for food, so a little investment in regular feeding now will keep your garden full of life and noise throughout spring and summer.


Lawnkeeper’s January Jobs:


Driveway & patio moss control

We carry out a lot of hard surface moss control treatments in January. Moss is a major slipping hazard, especially with the long evenings and freezing temperatures common in January, so we often spend our days brightening up our customer’s patios, side passages and driveways. If you’ve got a moss problem, just give us a call – we’ll help you get rid of it.


Lawn care treatments to suit the weather

If we’re lucky enough to enjoy a frost-free January, then we’ll be able to carry out lawn treatments like moss control and aeration. The work we do in January is highly weather-dependent; interference with a dormant frozen lawn can cause more problems than it cures, so we’ll let you know what’s possible based on the weather and the underlying health of your grass.


Happy New Year from the Lawnkeeper team

In our professional opinion, you should relax and enjoy the next few weekends as much as you can. There’ll be plenty of opportunities to get out with the lawnmower this year (…especially if you’ve signed up for our quarterly weed and feed treatment!), so put your feet up while you still can!


In the meantime, the Lawnkeeper team would like to wish you a Lush Green 2019! Happy New Year!

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We are proud sponsors…!

We are very proud to announce that Lawnkeeper Airedale are proud sponsors of our local under 8’s Bingley Jr’s football team. Please look out for the team and cheer them on at their home and away matches!

The tops have the children’s initials on the front and our unmistakeable Lawnkeeper logo on the back!

So, keep your eyes peeled if you live in Bingley and the surrounding areas…

We wish them good luck for the season.

Kind Regards,

James & Lauren


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