Applying wetting agents to your lawn

A wetting agent is one of the fastest ways to hydrate your grass, drive nutrients down to the roots of your lawn and eliminate dry patch. It’s the perfect solution for compacted or hydrophobic soil.

Benefits of a wetting agent:

  • Minimal surface damage to your lawn
  • Give a uniform wetting of the rootzone
  • Increase the rate of photosynthesis
  • Improve seed germination, root development and vigour
  • Reduce the need for irrigation
  • Prevents and cures hydrophobic conditions and 'dry-patch'

How does a wetting agent work?

When rainwater is beading on the surface of your soil, a wetting agent can act as a go-between, effectively thinning the water so that it has a chance to sink through compacted soil to the roots below. The wetting agents we use is are a liquid or a special mini dispersible granule that bonds to the earth and acts as a conduit for the water, helping vital moisture and nutrients soak down to the thirsty roots below.

Discover our wetting agent treatments

If you’d like to learn more about how our wetting agent treatments can improve the health and vigour of your lawn, get in touch. We’ll show you how even the driest lawns can be nourished with a commercial grade wetting agent.


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