Reasons to join the Lawnkeeper network

Why franchising with Lawnkeeper is a great way to run your own lawn care business

What makes Lawnkeeper the UK’s leading lawn care franchise?

Over the years, we’ve fine-tuned our business systems to create a powerful growth platform for our franchisees. We’re proud to say that new franchisees typically make £45,000 in their first year.

Sign up as a Lawnkeeper franchisee and you’ll…

  1. Own a Large Territory
    Lawnkeeper franchisees start out with some of the largest territories in the industry. We hired specialist demographers to create territories that profit our franchisees, first and foremost. Every new franchisee starts with a minimum of 110,000 high-earner households in an easily communicable geographic area.
  2. Become an Industry Specialist
    Lawn care isn’t like traditional gardening — this isn’t back-breaking work at low margins. To be a lawn care consultant, you need specialist qualifications, technical knowledge and expertise ...all of which we provide as part of the franchise fee. We’ll also train you up on the operational side of the lawn care business, so that you’ve got the industry-specific sales & marketing knowledge you need to make a success of your territory.
  3. Use the Best Equipment
    We’ll give you all of the tools you need to start your business. We kit you out with industry-leading equipment of the highest quality, so that you can spend less time on repairs and maximise your time spent serving clients. Find out what’s included in the franchise package here.
  4. Work smarter, not harder
    With Lawnkeeper’s unique pricing structure and routing technology, you’ll work smarter, not harder. The Lawnkeeper Franchise Management System arranges your appointments by location to minimise the dead spent travelling between appointments. Spring is the busiest part of the year in the lawn care industry, but thanks to our annual treatment programmes & pricing structures, your clients will provide you with a regular, reliable flow of work in every season.
  5. Start with at least 20 Customers
    Our comprehensive marketing strategy is guaranteed to jump-start your business. We use a mix of online advertising, leaflet drops and referrals to start you off with at least 20 customers, and once we’ve reached this milestone, we’ll show you how to grow to 150 customers within 12 months.
  6. Pay Less for Your Materials
    With Lawnkeeper, you’ll pay a lot less for chemicals than you would if you were starting out as an independent. We bulk-buy all of our materials centrally, which saves us all money and improves your profitability and cash flow.
  7. Grow your own profitable recession-proof business
    At Lawnkeeper, the support doesn’t stop once you’re up and running; in many ways, it’s only once you’re through the startup phase that you’ll start to feel the real benefits of being a franchisee. You’ll have specialist routing software that helps you make the most out of every day, a national marketing campaign that helps feed your customer pipeline, and you’ll be part of a new family of Lawnkeeper franchisees, all working together in a non-competitive environment.


Darren Morris, Peterborough
Joined Feb 2012

“We have been extremely pleased with the success of the business so far and have met or even exceeded the targets we set out to achieve.

My wife Sam was able to leave her employment in March 2014 to fully concentrate on the business and in October 2014 we also employed another lawn technician, so we now have two Lawnkeeper vans on the road.”

Ask ANY of our Franchisees why we’re the UK’s leading lawn care franchise

Lawnkeeper is a network that looks after its franchisees. We’re proud of how the whole group works together, in an open and honest way, to improve our service and grow our earnings.

We’re often asked about our franchise resales. The truth is, in the 10 years since we started franchising, we’ve never had a franchisee decide to sell up and quit. Our strong earnings, and our transparent & supportive business relationship, is part of what makes us the UK’s leading lawn care franchise.

Lawnkeeper is a long-term investment. Before you sign on the dotted line, we encourage you to speak to any of our franchisees for an unbiased, unvarnished appraisal of the business opportunity. We want you to learn how franchisees just like you are succeeding with Lawnkeeper.

We’ve got decades of experience in this business. Sam Langrick, the owner of Lawnkeeper, has been in the lawn care industry since 1994. Through boom and bust, he’s navigated the Lawnkeeper network to profitability. He knows how to make this business work in any & all market conditions, and if you sign up as a franchisee, Sam will personally lead your 2 week training course and welcome you into the network.